Family Drop In message

Hi wonderful FDI Volunteers and Staff,
This is to officially say a big thank you to all  who made it to the soccer tournament and BBQ yesterday. There were a lot of joy on the faces of the families. The adult soccer was great (I woke up with a sore body Lol).
Please a kind reminder that Thursday is our long awaited djembe drumming activity hope to see you all there.

Special thanks to Kenton- thanks for lending us your BBQ, the soccer balls and car. you rock!
Kacey and Sandy- I know you are not leaving yet but still want to say thanks for spending the last couple of weeks with us. The kitchen and the little people are calling to you
Dan- the Tots love you (keep doing what you do with them)
Dema, Tanya, Kelly, Teng Lai and Lisa-  you were simply amazing.
Oh and a big welcome to Michal- your timing was great!

Thank you to Matt- i still don’t know how they managed to score the third goal
Kudos to you all​
Odo Ansah

Alders Club – Campers Last day

Over the past year groups of 15 seniors have taken twice monthly trips to Sasamat Outdoor Centre for day adventures including bird watching, painting by the lake, mushroom foraging and many food and activity related activities.  This week marks the end of the program.  One of our sunniest days.


A huge thank you to the folks at SaAlders Clubsamat Outdoor Centre for making these trips possible.


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