Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House Covid-19 Statement

During these times of great uncertainty the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House continues to be a place of support and resource for the local community.

The COVID-19 physical distancing orders have disrupted our regular programming but we are fortunate to be able to continue serving our neighbours with food, hygiene and referral services while we collaborate with other DTES organizations to help ensure people can remain as safe and healthy as possible throughout this crisis.

To-go Meal Service

Our COVID-19 Emergency programming includes to-go meal service from the neighbourhood house door, as well as distribution of prepared meals to the homeless and underhoused so that access to tasty and nutritionally dense food can continue.


We are also providing sanitization and hygiene products to mitigate the spread of the virus between people and within spaces.

Grocery Hampers

Families, seniors and individuals sheltering in SROs are receiving hampers full of fresh fruits and vegetables, hygiene and cleaning products, and food staples to enable people to isolate and reduce their need to circulate in order to procure the essentials. Hampers for families include booklets and resources to engage children in learning activities. 

Over the long-term, these initiatives are intended to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside by providing safe access to essential food and sanitation supplies while supporting the coordinated lresponse to the pandemic.

The Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House is working hard to support the community during this difficult COVID-19 pandemic time. Please donate to our Covid-19 Fundraising Campaign.