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Our tours to Sasamat are complete for now.  We will be offering summer workshops and tours from gardening to guitar repair.  Please contact Simin for further information:

Last summer we hosted a series of Cantonese Language and Cultural Tours.

Here is what our participant’s said:

“A wonderful way to learn more about the history and culture of the area.”

“Educational, interactive and amazing! Thank you! Looking forward to the next tour.”

“I really enjoyed the tour and it’s great to explore the Chinese organization buildings to understand more of the area.”

“Good learning experience, very enjoyable. Instructor works hard on food sampling and language learning.”

“Great work you folks are doing – keep it up.”

“Really fun, positive, educational experience.”

“I’m so glad I came!”

“Many thanks to the volunteers, there is still a lot to learn on this subject, so we hope your organization can organize many more of these.”

“These tours are wonderful experience!”

“All the presenters and assistants were very gracious and kind. Enjoyed and learned much about the Chinese culture and how important Chinese medicine plays such a vital role in our lives.”

“Let us keep the Cantonese culture alive in Vancouver and elsewhere. Please continue to educate us about it and experience the culture as it should be alive and lived!”

“I love the tour! Very inspiring and informative! Well done. Lovely people too!”

This program was funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors.

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